Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Latest Project from the Force that is C.J. Wallis!

C.J. Wallis is one helluva talented young man.  Not only is he an absolute darling within the independent horror industry, he is also an award winning music video director!  His video for the absolutely gorgeous song The Rose, by Sarah Slean got him Best Music Video of the Year at the 2011 Leo Awards.  I'm sure you will agree, this is impressive work but an impressive man who Heidi Honeycutt once also described as Canada's Best Kept Secret Weapon!

So when we come across a working relationship that works this well, it would be ridiculous not to venture onto more journey's together.  This is the case with two time C.J. collaborator Lucy Rupert, the dancer and choreographer who dealt with that side of things on the video for The Rose.  Lucy and Sarah are no strangers to each other, having a stage show in Toronto, The Animals are Planning an Intervention.  According to Toronto Life - 
"Dancer and choreographer Lucy Rupert works out her feelings about creatures great and small to original music by Sarah Slean during this one-hour lunchtime performance, while Robert Glumbek and Yvonne Ng perform a series of solos, duets and excerpts from longer works."
 The girls are now working with C.J. to turn this project into a movie, one entitled The Sisters of Mercy.  
"In the film adaptation, Rupert plays the lead role of a mother named Marie who is unknowingly hand-delivered to a government institution by her three sons after a house fire, that Marie escaped, claimed the life of her 9 year old daughter.  The Sarah Slean arrangements commissioned for Animals will be featured and used throughout the film.  Announcements will continue to spill out leading towards production set for Fall 2011." C.J. Wallis

Keep your peepers peeled for an exclusive geektastic interview with Mr C.J. Wallis, coming your way!  :D

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