Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Viggo Mortensen Playing Sigmund Freud in a Cronenberg Flick - It Must Be Love and Madness!

Viggo Mortensen starring as Sigmund Freud in a David Cronenberg movie with Michael Fassbender playing Carl Jung...could it scream anymore awesome!?!  Hells no.  This looks amazing.  And so beautifully twisted.  Bring on February 2012...in fact, why the hell is it being released so late!?  I have been waiting on this movie for bloody ages.  My only grievance is Keira fucking Knightley, bleugh!  But the awesomeness of Viggo, Cronenberg, Fassbender and also Vincent Cassel cancel out the crapness of Knightley, lol!

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  1. This sounds like it should be interesting, to say the least.


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