Monday, 25 November 2013

Prepare for the Ultimate Tease...CJ Wallis is Back People, and Shit's About to Hit the Fan for Jennifer Mae's BB Star Candy Cummings!

Holy fuck.  So I've just seen the teaser trailer for the new CJ Wallis flick BB, and it is fucking awesome!!  

CJ Wallis has been away from horror for way too long!  This is how a teaser trailer SHOULD look however!  Gritty, sexy, edgy and not quite preparing you for the ultimate fuck....a head fuck!!  I'm so glad CJ met Chaturbate camgirl and star/inspiration behind BB, Jennifer Mae.  

This looks like it's gonna be the perfect introduction into the good old world of horror and something tells me that a star is about to enter our world, with full nail biting force! :)  And speaking of nails....

...Soprano nails all the way...bitch! ;) 

So yes, boys and ghouls.....prepare yourself...and stay safe online.  You never know who's watching you! ;)

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