Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fist of Jesus - Has Jesus Been Missing from YOUR Life!?!

So one of the most entertaining things about the Lord of Tears screening last Friday, with the exception of camptastic director Lawrie Brewster's laugh through the microphone as he was jibber jabbering away, heehee...was most definitely Fist of Jesus.  This short, and a few of the others ones he showed, most definitely explained why he gave us a, ummm....warning, shall we just say...prior to watching.  ;)



If I am ever getting sent to hell for my enjoyment of morally corrupt entertainment, this will probably be the thing to send me there.  So thank you Jesus!!  And Judas.  HA!  

Anyhoo, I have discovered that this jolly old hoot of a short is available online to watch.  And to watch you must do!!  You shall be saying thank you oh great one who shares the same initials as the almighty swordmaster!  Bwahahaha.  Yeah, that's me.  Oh yeaaaaah.  Anyhoo, do make sure that it's the video link you see on this page and not the YouTube version, as YouTube, being the spoilsports that they are, didn't allow the filmmakers to truly show Fist of Jesus in all it's blood-red glory.  The link I've provided here however is the fully uncut, BLOOOOOD red version.  Heehee.  

The practical effects in this are, like the film itself, absolutely genius!  My personal favourite is the piranha scene.  I almost pee'd my pants.  Absolutely fucking brilliant!! 

Don't take it from me though, check out this multiple award winning short for yourself.  You totally won't regret it!  And if you do...why are we friends again!?!   PAH! ;)  

To watch the brilliant Fist of Jesus, click on the following link. I did have it up here on my blog but you couldn't open the general page without this starting. So I've had to just add a link. 

You can still find it in all it's blood red awesomesauce HERE!!

Be sure to support the film on jolly Spazzbook and check out the official website for lots of super cool Jesus shit.  And, if this gets your pants bloody with anticipation, then you'll be happy to know that these super freaks are making a feature film.  OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.   Once Upon A Time in Jerusalem.  So get on supporting and help these guys make this happen.  You know you want too! ;) 

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