Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Exclusive First Look at the Poster for New CJ Wallis Movie BB!

It is with great pleasure that I give you an exclusive first look at the super cool poster for new CJ Wallis movie BB. 

Starring newcomer Jennifer Mae, this cool chick might be a newcomer to film, however she is most definitely not a newcomer to being in front of the camera.  Mae in fact inspired CJ to come up with what is sure to be a pretty fucked up film. Following a girl named Candy Cummings who performs strip shows from her apartment for thousands of people online everyday, BB looks at the fact that we never really know what kind of evils are lurking out there in the internet world.

To follow everything in the world of BB, check #BBMovie (@bb_movie) and keep your peepers on this spot!  I'm gonna be feeding out muchos BB awesomeness over the coming weeks, including interviews with the lovely Jennifer Mae (@purplestar420) and CJ Wallis (@fortyfps), a trailer and much more.   And remember...stay safe online as you never know who might be watching!  Moooahaha. ;)


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