Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fright Bytes Episode 7 - Swatting Up on your Vampire Knowledge...Spiderpira Style!!!

Forget all this Twilight wannabe vampire stuff, here's the real deal...and what could be more gorgeous than Spiderpira, heehee, or Miss Lianne Spiderbaby...with freakin' Elvira!?!?!!!  Answer to that question - NOTHING...of course! ;)  Actually, Spiderpira and Elvira is a bit of a tease as to what to expect from the next episode of Fright Bytes where Spiderpira is covering San Diego Comic-Con and meets up with the legendary Elvira, however, I thought this picture perfect to display what's going on in this episode of Fright Bytes!

So yesss, you might have guessed, the latest episode of the amazing Fright Bytes is focusing on vampires!  If you ever wanted a short and sweet, yet highly informative session on the history of vampires then it's all here in this latest episode.  Definitely worth checking out, as are some of the films that Lianne mentions that I've never actually seen.  Here, here to education on a little blood sucking.  And more importantly, it's worth watching just for how much I LOOOOVE the way Lianne says Nosferatu! <3  Heehee!  Also much love to Lianne's brother Steve as well who makes an awesome co-host...clearly awesomeness runs in the family!  Yay!  Check out all the goodness below and be sure to subscribe to the Fright Bytes channel on YouTube as well as check in to LIKE the page for the show on Facebook!  Cheers my dears! ;)

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