Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Why All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is a Much Better Film than I'd First Thought!

Okay so the other week John Squires wrote a blog regarding All the Boys Love Mandy Lane over at Freddy in Space, about how much he loved the film, but also more to the point, asking the question as to why it has never actually been released in the States.  Now when this film first came out and was touring the film festivals, I have to say, I was majorly geeking for it.  I loved the premise of it and everything about it was looking pretty darn sweet!  When it was released here theatrically it was out for about a week or something and I was gutted to have missed it.  Thankfully though it was released a few months later on DVD and so yay, I was finally getting to see this modern horror, one that I was so looking forward too.  So on the day of release I run out to Blockbusters, all excited and stuff...got my DVD before running home to watch it...AND...

...I hated it!  :(  

Now the point of this blog is to retract some of the venom that I spat after my first viewing.  I might have just ever so slightly over-reacted when I said it was the most over-rated piece of shit in recent history.  Now my initial problem was I didn't get just why all the boys loved Mandy Lane.  I was expecting this incredibly quirky character, one who was not only beautiful outside but on the inside too.  I'm not a huge fan of Amber Heard and I've always found her a bit average...I just don't get all the love for her.  The only reason I could get why they would all love her was that she didn't put out, and so in that respect she was a challenge for them...which she kind of was.  

Supporting cast wise, I thought the teenagers were all beyond douchebaggery levels, which I know would have been the point, but even amongst douchebags there is always at least one that you don't want to be brutally murdered...right!?!  The only character I actually liked was Garth, the groundsman.  

What I did like about the film the first time round was the final act, that was very well done and a great surprise.  My opinion at this time though was that this wasn't enough to save the film and I still thought it was crap.  And I was sure to vent my opinion when I took the DVD back to Blockbusters and I have always been sure to share this opinion whenever the subject came up over the years.  

So anyhoo, it's about 3 years later and I thought about the film again when I read Squires blog, still genuinely annoyed at how much I hated it.  Feeling crap after having spent the day throwing up I'm channel hopping and the film is about to start on Film4 as part of their Frightfest season.  So I think, what the hell, let's give it another shot.  Besides, I felt too ill to argue...even with myself.  

Visually I think the film is great.  The characters are still annoying.  I still don't get exactly why the boys love Mandy Lane...apart from reasons stated above.  The final act is brilliant...and a total surprise.  And you know what...the film didn't suck.  I actually kind of enjoyed it second time round.  I have to admit that I like Amber Heard a little bit more nowadays, maybe that helped.  I still think that the character needed more substance, something to make us root for her more.  Something that would have made the end act all that more satisfying.  Even I'm not that sure what exactly I wanted more from the character but there was definitely something!

So yes, the point of this blog is to admit that I was wrong.  Amongst a slew of wank-munchery films that we are so often subjected too...this is actually one of the better ones.  Maybe time will tell if I grow to love it.  All I know is that I'm a lot happier NOT hating it.  As freaktarded as that may be.  So thank you Squires for inspiring me to give it a second chance, and to softening my opinion on the film.  It's not often that I admit that I am wrong but I kind of was a bit harsh on this one.  Haha.  

And ooh, FYI, if you're a fan of the director Jonathan Levine then I totally recommend you check out his follow up film to All the Boys Love Mandy Lane...The Wackness, it's a brilliant film with an ace soundtrack! :)

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  1. I had the opposite happen with me and the remake of The Fog. When I reviewed it for The Torch, my college newspaper, I said it was the best remake I'd seen, and not that bad; I loved the special effects, and generally said it was decent.
    Then I saw it a few years ago, and I realize that I was fucking wrong, the film sucks. The cgi fog is still rad, but that is the only selling point for the remake of The Fog. I think the first time, I just gave it a good review because I'd just seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and anything after that film seems better, just by proxy.


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