Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fright Bytes Episodes 8 and 9 - Geektastic Explorations of the Viscera Film Festival and Comic-Con!

Woot, so a little while ago I mentioned that in an up and coming Fright Bytes we would be seeing an interview with the amazing Elvira.  Well, I can happily say that the episode is up on YouTube and it is great.  Whilst getting an awesome view around Comic-Con (see Team Fangoria above^^^)...which one day I shall visit...we also get an interview with the stars of the new flick Creature and the aforementioned interview with the amaaaazing Elvira.  And is it just me, or when she speaks, is she not really like me...or more like, I'm like her.  I totally thought that...creeptasticular!  Am I right or just dreaming...let me know!?!!! :)  We also get a great Q&A from the super foursome of directors that are known as Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Tim Sullivan AND Adam Rifkin - the director of the most awesome Beagle movie EVER...UNDERDOG!!!! ;)  Anyhoo, my Beagle obsession aside, the subject at hand is their new movie Chillerama, an anthology of four segments of madness...which I cannot WAIT to see!!!

And for those of you who missed the episode prior to this, where Ms Hotness Spiderbaby was at the Viscera Film Festival, you can check it out below:

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