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Apparently Guys Feel Pressurised to Look Good Too...About Bloody Time! You Know We Live in a Messed Up Society When Even Jessica Alba and Megan Fox are CGI'ed Naked, Using Body Doubles, AND Being Slimmed Down Thanks to an Airbrush! And Charlie Hunnam Will Only Get His Top Off After Multiple Gym Sessions!

So was watching this documentary a little while back on the pressure that MEN feel to look good nowadays.  You know what...about fucking time!!  Women have been feeling insecure and like they need to look a certain way for way too long.  Why the hell should we keep this for ourselves...it's about time we dish the insecurities back!?!!!  Ps. this is a point about the state of society as a whole, and how fucked up it is!  I know plenty of guys who've been insecure about the way they look for a very long time.  And this doesn't mean I want all men looking like pretty boys either, I like my men to look like REAL men...you know, like Jax Teller!!  BWAH!!  Ideally I'd like society to come to a crossroads where everyone just feels comfortable being themselves.  But in the meantime, I feel like payback's a bitch!! ;)

Although the funny thing is....even though I mention Jax Teller there...the reason why we didn't get much shirtless Jax in Season 5 was because he'd hurt himself shooting Pacific Rim, so couldn't get to the gym for a while and didn't feel like he was in shape enough!!  And even in the commentary on the first episode from Season 4, they were all taking the piss out of him about how much time he was going to the gym just for that opening sequence.  Which FYI, I totally think is one of the best opening montages ever!!  It's totally epic!

Women have obviously been under a lot more pressure than men to look good for a whole lot longer however, and in an age where there is so much digital enhancement; you literally can't trust if anything is fucking real anymore!!  Be it in still photos, music videos, films...the whole shebang!!  

I found this article earlier about ten actresses this guy said he'd like to see take their clothes off.  Amongst these actresses were Jessica Alba, and Megan Fox.  Now funnily enough, they mentioned scenes in Machete, and Jennifer's Body respectively...both of which had been featured in an issue of Nuts magazine where Alba and Fox were on the cover with a big caption saying something about 'favourite actresses naked', or some unimaginative shite like that!  The only reason I even noticed this was because I grimaced that my precious Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body was on the cover of such utter trash!!  I actually find it rather entertaining that the publishers of this garbage, along with I'm sure what is at least 98% of the morons that read it (HAHAHA....read!!)....actually believed it to be true.  

The thing that this wank rag didn't realise however (or perhaps they're just incapable of actually reading/researching actual films...probably the latter!!?), is that the two of them are CGI naked!!  And as in the case of Jessica Alba, not only did they CGI her clothes off....they also slimmed down her stomach, back and hips....and done something freaky deaky to her left leg!!  See pictures below.  


Since becoming a mother Alba has turned into a really likeable young woman...not just an annoying twit that couldn't hardly act and pranced around in a bikini all the time.  And I'll give the girl her due...she has stuck to her guns about her no nudity clause.  So good on her I say.  Be suggestive, but keep your own dignity!  

Despite the fact that I like her in Idle Hands; it wasn't until she did flicks like The Killer Inside Me and The Eye (which wasn't a terrible remake!!), and showed this whole other side to her that I really started to like her.  And having being subjected to Good Luck Chuck....she was truly the only likable thing about it.  She also had a great line that she delivers so perfectly when talking about his stupid "curse" thing, Chuck questions "Do you believe that!?!!!"  To which she replies - 
"Please....people will believe whatever they wanna believe."  

A statement that is so fucking true.  Whether it be images fed to them in magazines, bull shit rumours that get spread around.  The way I see it; the more that people see bad in others...the more fucked up shit they're guilty of as well.  Unless they've been totally shat on before and have a hard time trusting people.

 Since becoming a mother though, she's started up her own eco baby products company The Honest Company; and has actually become quite the spokeswoman for the modern day woman.  I'm curious as to what she felt of the CGI version of herself?!  

(Edited later to say, she possibly approved.  It is rumoured that she used a body double for Sin City 2 as she wasn't comfortable with her own body being used...although I'm pretty sure that's just a rumour and it might have just been CGI they used. It's Sin City though, so that would surely be easier to CGI her appearance than in Machete.  Apparently she exercised profusely, and due to having had an eating disorder as a teenager...resorted to chain smoking more than usual!!  It appears that even Jessica Alba struggles living up to being 'Jessica Alba'!!   No wonder she feels so insecure though......fanboys are hard people to please, so I think I'd be shitting it too if I'd just had two kids!!)

She has openly spoken about body issues in the past, and that it's only now, when she doesn't have the body that she used to....pre-stretch marks/baby inflicted cellulite....that she actually feels comfortable in her own skin, as a person. (Edited to say that despite this...she is still too uncomfortable to NOT use a body double in Sin City 2.) She still has a great figure, but I think it has been through sharing with other new mums just how hard it was to try and get back to that pre-pregnancy body, that's she's actually become so popular amongst women.  Personally I think she looks way better now anyway.  I always felt that she had such a boyish body, and she always seemed to be sprayed with so much fake tan and all that crap....now she just looks really natural.  She also knows how to take the piss out of herself and not take life too seriously...something I think you can see in this awesome photo shoot that was done for In Style Magazine in January of this year.  

And check her out being a super nerd in her new movie!! :) 

As I mentioned before, Megan Fox was also on the cover of this magazine, when the only pics that got out there, were not from the film, they were illegally snapped.  In the film she's totally CGI'ed out.  

Just flicking through pictures of these two girls alone....some of the pictures of them are absolutely horrendous.  They've been photoshopped so much it hardly even resembles them any more.  Hell, just look at some of the promo pics/posters for Jennifer's Body...the UK one is fine, but some of the others...total airbrushed to the max!!  For example the one below.  

I don't understand why they'd want to airbrush her to look like that when the two pictures below are obviously either completely natural (not counting lighting and make up), or minimal touch ups.  And she looks amazing in both of them.  The picture below was one of the first released from the film and I instantly fell in love!....like, I went Megan Fox crazy.  Megan Fox posters, desktops....hahaha!  Gone was the Michael Bay spray tan and CGI effect, and here was a more kick ass awesome look!

At the end of the day, if not even Jessica Alba or Megan Fox can't live up to the crazy standards demanded of them by our fucked up society; how the hell is anyone else supposed too!?!  And the reason why Charlie Hunnam has that body...he works out....like, a lot!!  Nobody's perfect though.  Everyone has things about themselves they hate/dislike or are insecure about.  Yes, I'm sure everyone has the odd flaw they'd like airbrushed out...but's that's all it is....it's still gonna be there at the end of the day.  

I love what writer Diablo Cody said about the role of Jennifer upon the release of the film - 
"There's the scene where Jennifer's sitting alone smearing make up on her face.  I always thought that was such a sad image.  She's so vulnerable.  I don't know any woman who hasn't had a moment sitting in front of the mirror and thinking, 'Help me, I want to be somebody else.'  What makes it extra affecting is that Megan is stunning!"

If it's something you can change through diet and exercise, then go for it.  That's easier for men, and women who've not had babies obviously.  If not, remember - we're all supposed to be unique in our own little ways.  Who wants to be a fucking clone....or a Barbie doll plastic fanspastic!?!  Sure as fuck not me!  Nobody needs a false idol.  And I'm pretty sure that everyone that reads my blog would agree with me.  Y'all being the freaks all week that ya are!! ;)

Oooh, and lastly...whilst I'm on the subject of Jennifer's Body....check out sexy Jennifer Check here.....it really is a Jennifer thing of 'typical night out'!!  HA.  Same initials and all! ;) 

And she comes away with just as witty a one liners too!!  Hahahaha.  

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