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Team Tara Knowles - Why Tara is Doing the RIGHT Thing!!!!

"Dire Circumstances Require Desperate Measure."

Yes, they do.  

Season Six of Sons of Anarchy has led me to the realisation, more so than before...that A LOT of people hate Tara.  Like, totally hate hate!!  Skyler White/Lori Grimes style hate.  Now Skyler, I never really got the hate.  Didn't really make sense.  Lori...well, she was just a fucking cunt.  Haha.  Tara though....nooooooooooooooooo!!  I fucking LOVE Tara!!!

This current Tara hate has me on edge...and ready to fight.  Dirty if need be.  Just like my girl herself.  So much of the hate seems to come from people who're...I dunno...a bit retarded perhaps!?!  All the comments I'm reading are all, poor Jax, poor dare she drag Unser and Wendy into this...blah blah fucking BLAH!!!!  

First of all, poor Gemma!?!  REALLY??  This is the woman who basically orchestrated the death of her first husband, Jax's father no less.  She then let Clay take all the blame.  Tara not wanting to hurt Jax with how much of a fucking cunt his mother was, didn't tell him.  A point she is probably regretting every single day of her life; letting information like that slip.  Unser is no fucking saint in this matter either, being the one who helped Gemma and Clay cover the whole thing up.  

Gemma is the ultimate worst mother in-law.  She uses, and abuses.  She is an evil, vindictive, angry old whore (lol, sorry, loved it when Tara called her an old whore, haha), who is so fucking controlling, she should get a job with Sega.   Her fucked up love of her son is almost cringeworthy at times.  And the way she's always going on about her grandkids like they're her own's like she gave birth to them.  Even though she almost killed them whilst driving them whilst high!!  

And what people seem to be forgetting is that the only reason she was allowed back in to the family after that incident, was because Jax needed her to get close to Clay, so he could frame him for something he hadn't done...because he wanted him out of their lives!!  Sound familiar!?!  Tara has done the exact same thing to Gemma that Jax did to Clay!  

Another thing people seem to be forgetting is that it was basically Gemma that put the idea for her killing an unborn child in her Tara's head when she punched her in the stomach and snidely said "I hope you aren't pregnant!"...before then telling her that she'd rat her out to the marshall if she tried to leave, and that she'd be getting fist raped in jail till the kids were in their teens.  

But poor Gemma.  Poor fucking Gemma my arse.  That bitch deserves EVERYTHING coming her way.  

As for Jax, well....poor Jax!  Not.  This is the boy that promised to get Tara and the boys out of Charming, over and over.  That he has failed.  This is the boy that jabbed a speedball in his son's mothers neck to scare her away...then lying to Tara and saying "She's just a junkie."  It seemed to be at this moment that Tara realised just how much of a monster he had become.  He then couldn't prevent her from being arrested...again, he'd promised she wasn't going to go to jail.  Even though she was going to jail for the club.  Yes people, for the club!!  If Tara didn't get to Otto, and then get intel, the whole lot of them would have being going to jail.  She did this FOR THEM!  

Then...the single WORST thing EVER...he fucking cheated on her whilst she was in jail...for a fucking week....just because she didn't want to see him!!  And with a fucking whore no less.  And a Mommy whore as well.  No wonder Tara wants to get him away from his fucking overbearing psycho mother! 

Jax made me feel physically sick.  I was upset about it for the whole week after.  It was like my universe had just shattered into a million pieces...and those pieces will never find their way back together again.  That is for a seperate blog however.  It's a pivotal moment in the history of these characters, and as a viewer, there is a reason that it hurt so much to watch.  

Since Opie died, Jax has turned into an unstable, often psychotic, homicidal maniac.  Which normally I'd find totally hot...but then he cheated.  The killing I can handle.  The injecting of Wendy.  The set up of Clay.  All that I'm fine with.  Handing Tig over to August Marks...WTF?!!!  After everything he did to save him?!!  Speaking of fucking, insanely hot is he??  ;)  

Tara, at the end of the day...she is just trying to save her kids from their psycho grandmother.  And she is a psycho!!  Unless she gives up Jax and the rest of the club...Tara is going to jail.  The whole divorcing Jax thing...she's not doing that because she doesn't love him anymore...she's doing that so she can get full custody, and then be able to choose the boys guardian when she's inside.  She fucking loves much.  She basically tells the DA to go fuck herself and that she's not handing over her husband.  Yet so many people hate her??  WHY??  It wouldn't just be Jax that went to jail would be all our boys.  SAMCRO can't take a hit like that...they've only JUST got slightly pieced back together again after Jax acted like a twat and got the clubhouse blown up.  A moment, combined with the speech that Alice gives to Venus, that really has Jax starting to reflect on his actions of late. 

"Go ahead, tell that sweet boy all about his daddy.  How much you love him, want the best for him.  It won't matter, because when he find out who you are, he's gonna grow up hating you.  Hating your lies.  Hating the life you forced him into.  And hating himself.  This boy's gonna blow his brains out before his balls completely drop.  Not 'cause of me, or his dead mama....But because of you.  The awful thing that turned out to be his father."

Now, don't get me wrong...and everyone who knows me KNOWS how obsessed I am with Jax Teller...but he's just been a bit off track lately.  And until he lightened up and had a laugh in episode 6, and then was so upset at the end of episode 7, I was totally hating on him.  He was really upset in Sweet and Vaded though; both at Alice's speech, and at Tara in the hospital when she told him "I've lost our baby girl."  I loved how she said girl as well, after Jax saying that he thinks it's a girl, and she'll be "strong and beautiful like her mother".  That did hurt.  That was a total Jax and Tara of old line, and it made me crave them even more.

What Tara did though, I sussed it out a few weeks back.  As I was trying to get to sleep it just popped into my head and I'm like "she's gonna fake a miscarriage and blame it on Gemma".  I knew she was faking the pregnancy right from the beginning...but the miscarriage thing took me about a fortnight to click onto.  When asked how I knew that's what she was going to do.  My reply - "Because that's what I'd do!!"  And it is.  I mean, I'd never have a child in the first place...even if the daddy was Jax Teller.  Okay....maaaaaaaaaaybe I'd give in.  Haha.  But as for psycho grandmother...I'd play down and dirty as hell!!  Especially if the daddy was a total mommy's boy.  That's just the kinda girl I am though.  

All these higher than thou douchebags can eat it!!  Gemma is just gutted she wasn't smart enough to come up with Tara's brilliant plan herself!  And as for Jax...I call it payback for sleeping with the whore!!  

Jax cheating on Tara is far worse than what Tara has done.  He literally betrayed her...her actions were to wake him up.  And she was pushed to those actions.  

Yes, she knew the life she was getting into.  But he kept promising to get them out of it.  And what people fail to that she was doing this because she loved him.  That kind of love, one does not take for granted.  That is the kind of love where you will do anything for them.  No matter the output.  Tara has always been Jax's saviour.  But he was supposed to save her too.  And people shouldn't forget that.  

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