Thursday, 24 October 2013

CJ Wallis is Back in the Horrorverse with New Film BB, Due to Start Filming November 2013!

So it is it great pleasure that I can announce that after a wee bit of a break, Award Winning director/writer/all rounder, CJ Wallis, is returning to the horror genre.  Horror fans will know CJ as Goody Two Shoes in Dead Hooker in a Trunk, and he was also the guy who designed my wicked Jennifer's Bodies poster last year and collaborated on numerous shorts, PSA's, website development and pre-production of American Mary with Jen and Sylvia Soska.  

Over the past couple of years, he's been touring and documenting The Smoker's Club Tour (featuring Curren$y, Method Man, Spitta, The Jets and many more),  as well as a documentary for Curren$y himself, and numerous music videos.  He also frequently collaborates with The Scarlet Ending, Cornerboy P, Fiend and many more which you can view at his website.  

With BB though, I'm happy to say that he is back to the horrorverse with a macabre vengeance!
Hope you enjoy these two teaser pics and synopsis to start you nerding out on this wicked new project of CJ's. 

BB is the provocative story of a girl named Leah who, under the name "Candy Cummings," performs strip shows online from her apartment for thousands of strangers every day, never fully knowing the extent of evils that could be watching on the other side of the screen.  
BB is set to begin filming in late November from filmmaker CJ Wallis (@fortyfps) , assuming all roles on the films production & execution and introduces Jennifer Mae (@purplestar420) in the lead role of Candy. Two previous Wallis' collaborators (Troy DeLottinville & Karen Kruper) have also been attached for small roles.

The film will be set to screen in festivals in early 2014.

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