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Say Goodbye to The Bale, and Hello to Ben Affleck as Batman. Why I Think the Batfleck Will Work...Just Think That Chris Evans Became Captain America after Fantastic Four. Also How I'm So Super Fucking Awesome at ALWAYS Bringing the Conversation Back Round to Jeremy Renner! HA!

So I got into a conversation about Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman the other day.  The thing that everyone seems to keep bringing up is that Daredevil is shit so how dare he think he has the right to do another comic book movie!?! retort to this has been two words...CHRIS EVANS!!!  Fantastic Four was shit....let's face it, he was pretty much the only good thing about that total cheesefest.  However, he then went on to become Captain America and I absolutely fucking adore him in that role.  He's perfect!!  Not only is he like totes babesville, he really brings a wonderful depth and quirkiness to the character of Steve Rogers before, and after he becomes the Cap!  

Whilst I'm on the subject of Chris Evans, and like I said to my friend the other day...I'm just glad that it's finally okay for me to admit to liking him.  I've totally had a crush on him since Cellular, but he was too much of a hunk for me to admit to liking.  Haha.  It wasn't until he'd done Sunshine and Street Kings that I finally let myself admit to my feelings.  I totally watched Cellular when it was in the cinema and I used the excuse that it was because I was just finishing and was bored and had nothing to do, and that was the first thing to start!!  Bullshit!!  Haha.  I'd seen the trailer, got totally addicted to the Evans and that's why I watched it.  Total saddo I know.  ;)  

But yes, he embraced the role of the Cap, and he is perfect in that role.  See picture below.  *cough*Jeremy Renner*/cough*  ;)

Just think...what if the studio hadn't have taken the chance with him!?!!  

As much as I'd have LOVED to have had Christian Bale back as Batman, I do appreciate his integrity at not just doing it for a shit load of money.  Good on him I say.  I wish more actors were like this and didn't just do stuff for the money.  Everyone needs to earn a living but some things just should never happen.  This is NOT an example of that though.  The Bale is my Batman and yes, Affleck has a whole lot to live up too....but this is a different Batman.  And people....even in the comics there is more than one Batman, so stop your bitchin' already!! 

 Besides, Christian Bale is busy playing with my future husband Jeremy Renner right now filming American Hustle...sorry guys, but as much as I think Bale is the ultimate Batman...making a film with the Rennersaurus is just too fucking awesome to pass up.

 Let's give Affleck a chance though, see what he can do.  I trust Zach Snyder's decision.  Ben Affleck was always hit or miss with me.  Earlier on in his career he was so good at playing the douchebag, that you kinda thought he was a bit of a douche.  Despite the fact that I really like him in Dogma.  

He's obviously a huge comic book nerd himself, and being best buds with Kevin Smith....that was an opinion I was dying to hear!!  And Smith is 110% behind him!!  In fact, to quote the man himself - 

"This dude has loved Batman going as far back as I can remember.  He only did fucking Daredevil because he loved Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.  He's like, 'They're never going to make another Batman', because this was after Batman had nipples.  So he was like, 'Daredevil's cool, and mean Miller wrote him as well.'  So he liked the character, but it was always rooted in Batman.  He's always been into the notion.  He'll honour the character."

In fact, you should just listen to the hysterical comedy appearance where he gives his's fucking brilliant!!  I love how he mentions Robert Downey Jr. and how he used all his years of being Robert Downey Jr. and then clawing his way back to bring that charm to Iron Man...and how Ben Affleck has done the same thing....been to the top, fallen completely to the bottom, and then clawed his way back up to the top.  That's the kind of Batman they're looking for.  :) 

This isn't just about money.  I'm pretty sure he has enough that he doesn't need to risk his career again by doing something stupid!  And let's be fair, that's like saying if you made one bad horror movie, you shouldn't make another...that's just retarded!!  

I think things would have been a lot different if he hadn't started dating Taco Lopez...that almost ruined his career....more so than Daredevil.  He got it back though, and in fighting form.  As a director, Affleck is like a young Clint Eastwood.  He has perfected his craft, and acting in his own films only seems to have further perfected his acting skills.  I really liked Gone Baby Gone, but it was his second feature - The Town...that's what got me hooked on his ability as both an actor and a director.  I adore that movie and it's easily one of my favourite films of all time.  I put it up there with Heat in that sort of genre.  And that's a pretty big fucking compliment!!

With The Town, not only did Affleck cast my future husband Jeremy Renner in a role that is sheer beautiful brutality; he also yet again cast one of my favourite rappers, Slaine, as another part of the bank heist foursome.  Affleck had first discovered Slaine when he was casting Gone Baby Gone and obviously realised how fucking awesome he was as he cast him again in The Town.  :)

My only complaint about The Town is that they maybe underused Jeremy Renner....but that's just me.  Haha.  I've had a thing for the Renner since 1995, I am extremely bias!  The Town did get the Rennersaurus a second Oscar nomination, this time for Best Supporting Actor.  He lost out, but his time will come.  Oh yes it will!! ;)  

Anyhoo, after The Town, Affleck went on to score himself an Oscar...for Best Film with Argo....which was a fucking amazing film as well.  Totally deserved to win.  :)  I actually love part of his Oscar actually oozes Batman...especially the Bruce Wayne that is planned for Batman vs Superman.  
"What I learned was it doesn't matter if you get knocked down in life, what matters is that you've got to get back up."
 If that's not a Batman quote then I don't know what is!?!!  Well, apart from "I'm Batman!!"  Go Sheldon! ;) 

So yes, let's just give the man a chance.  Yeah when I first read it, I was suffering from a serious concussion and thought I was imagining it and did have that 'what the fuck!?!' reaction...however that lasted a second before I started thinking of all the pro's about him being the Dark Knight.  And I'm sure after consulting with Kevin Smith he was told that there would be no end of Matt Damon - Robin jokes.  Haha.  Matt Damon is fucking Jason Bourne though....I mean, don't fuck with the dude!! ;)

Only time will tell if Affleck has made a mistake, but I for one have faith in him.  This is a character he loves and I'm pretty sure that he's got enough pull in Hollywood (even if he's not directing the movie), that if he feels they're doing something shit...he's gonna have a say in it!!  So yesss....Team Batfleck over here.  

And big you like how I can totally refer back to Jeremy Renner like all the time.  Moooahahahahahahaha.   

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