Saturday, 7 September 2013

Losing Opie was the Ultimate Catalyst towards Barbaric Destruction. What's Next for Jax Teller??

So with only 4 more days to go till the return of everyone's favourite bikers....just what's gonna happen after such an explosive season 5 finale?!!  The death of Opie was clearly the huge catalyst and changing point for Jax last season.  After witnessing his best friend die, Jax knew things were going to have to change.  I guess he just didn't realise how much his moods and the external things going on around him, were actually having such a huge affect on Tara and the kids.  And I will put my hand up and say this now...yes, I am a hard core Jax loving fan girl....but if he's a dick to Tara...I might just find myself not quite as in love with him for a wee bit of time.  Lol.  

Anyhoo, I found this wicked video online and just had to share it.  

I then found a nice Jax and Opie video...those two really did love each other.  Guess what makes Jax's transition so much harder.  Anyhoo, enjoy away.  And if you have any video's you want me to share, just give me a shout.  I don't mind these chores...honest!!! ;)  HA!! :)A

;) xox

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