Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mulder and Scully in X Phile's Dream Come True??

Okay so today I came home to the most single greatest relationship gossip of all time...and I know some juicy gossip, haha.  Of course that rumour is that FINALLY, the two greatest loves of my life, my beloved Mulder and Scully, a.k.a. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are freakin' dating!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Now of course this is more than likely just gossip, I mean it did come from site Celeb Dirty Laundry, but you know what...let me fucking relish in this moment and believe man!!  I mean I want to fucking believe soooo badly!!!  It's been almost two decades of my life that these two have encompassed and I have always wanted nothing more than to know that they are together in real life!!  I mean let's face it, they played a great married couple in Arcadia, heehee.  Come to bed Scully, bwahahahaha. :D

They clearly love each other to bits, I have witnessed how much they adore each other first hand.  I remember when they were at the premier of The X Files - I Want to Believe movie (the one where I started crying on the red carpet when I turned round to see Chris Carter behind me, lol!!), when we got into the screen there was a live feed of everyone arriving downstairs and the cutest and most squee inducing moment came when David, whilst hugging a heavily pregnant Gillian, slapped her bum!!  I have never heard such loud squeee's from a room full of geeks in my life!!  You know for a fact that everyone in the room was thinking the same thing..."I want that baby to be Mulder's!!", haha.  Well that and "It's hotter than fucking hell right now, how is a heavily pregnant Gillian looking THAT good!?!"  Haha.  When they introduced the film together with Chris and Frank, they were such a great foursome.  Like the four greatest and most creative people on the planet, all adoring and loving each other together!!  Geeks Unite!! :D

Anyhoo, all we need to do is look at the episode Milagro...and these screen caps I took from this Tumblr page - 

Truth mother fucker!! :)

So yay, if this is true, I will be the happiest geek in the world...if it's not...I can still believe!!  Here's hoping that if it is true though, we are all that closer to a third movie!! I WANT a new movie!  Like so badly!  In fact, I swear here and now, if I win the lottery this weekend, I will so badly give those two beautiful and wonderful men, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz as much money as I can so that they can make me a new movie!!  Heehee.  

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