Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jennifer's BLOOD RED Bodies!!! Okay, it's actually my hair but still...

Yo ho ho, just done a post about zee dyeing of my hair to the lovely BLOOD RED for Women in Horror Month.  You can see more lovely pictures of the DYEing if you like if y'all hop on over to my blog for Jennifer's Bodies!!!  :P  I even created a spangly new Flickr account, how exciting I hear you rawwwrrrrrr!!!!!  And ooh, just to show some local support, the company I got my super fab hair dye from, BeeUnique, are actually based in Dundee, so I'm totally supporting local awesomeness and I think you should too!!! :D

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  1. Just came across your blog thanks to Facebook. Consider me a follower since horror movies are one of my favorite genres. I try to post about horror movies on one of my blogs Hero Worship. But I will be following your blog because it looks way cool.


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