Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Random-Ass Interview With Moi!

So I have just done one of Spook Sean's Random-Ass Interview's!  If you want to know what I'd do if I woke up with a wiener, what my worst job was...or perhaps what kind of monster I would be, head on over to Spooky Sean's Sinful Bloggery to find out!

And ooh, whilst you're there, you MUST read his random-ass interview with one of my favourite people on the planet, the Barnipede, a.k.a. Bahnick!  Yes, Mr Adam Barnick talks lots about monkey's with Sean.  It's a wee bit of genius!  Haha.  And ooh, you also have to join our Bahnick Fan Club on Facebook!!! :P


  1. You're so pretty. :}

    Anyway, great choice in choosing Jeffrey Dahmer as a dinner guest--don't think i would have picked him! :P And lol @ "cunt-rag" being your favorite swear, I never heard of it before!

  2. Awww, thank you! <3

    And haha, good old Jeff! ;) As for cunt-rag...definitely think it's a word that just a select few of my old drinking posse use, haha. Think we were trying to come up with really crude words one day and that one kind of stuck! My friends and I use it very affectionately with each other, lol! :P I'm not sure how other people react to hearing us yell "Oi, cunt-rag!" at one an other when we see each other. Ha! Have you checked out Barnick's interview as well? It's so funny, had me laughing for days! :)


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