Thursday, 17 May 2012

Introducing Guest Blogger Graeme Carr - Three Little Words, Part One!

Okay, so out of all the guys I went to school with, very few and far between were as nerdy as myself.  One particular nerd and film fanatic was Graeme Carr, who coincidentally happened to be our year "hottie" as well...who'd have thought the two would blend so perfectly together, bwahaha!?!!  Anyhoo, all these years later, Graeme still remains one of my favourite it is with great pleasure that I introduce him as my guest blogger on Musings of a Morleysaurus. :)  He's a geek, he loves films and he's one sarcastic as fuck son of a bitch...what more could you ask for!?! ;)  So without further adu...

Three little words....that's how it started....
Three. little.words.

But I'm getting ahead of myself..come on, hop on into my mind Delorian, kick back and head back with me to  7th of may 2009.

Now, I'm a film geek, I love them, I can happily watch film after film and a rarely turn even the worst of them off. And as such I have acquired over the years,a vast DVD collection. ...And this had become the root of my problem.

On this day in 2009 I found myself with a little time to spare...aha! Film time  I thought to myself....I checked my love film DVDs....hmm....must have forgot to send these back... Balls! I checked Sky movies.... Absolute Hee haw!... That's ok let's raid the collection. So off I trudge to the cupboard...swing back the door.....and gazed at the tower after tower of loose DVDs....and there I stood...for 45 minutes...undecided...confused...LOST.

Did I want to watch an action movie, a horror, maybe a thriller .. No, a drama.... No wait, there's one still unwrapped....oh crap I watched that the other nite on tv. By the time I had come to a conclusion...and emerged..triumphant from the cupboard like a house bound indiana jones clutching my prize aloft....I was out of time... I had won the war but lost the race.......dejected I got ready for work....and in that dark hour...I vowed....NEVER AGAIN.

And so it was born........(insert cheesy game show music) Three .Little. Words.

Simple game with three simple rules.
Rule 1
Pick 3 random words. ( I use a word generator online, but the old open a book,close your eyes, put your finger Down...that's word one!..repeat x 2 works just fine.)
Rule 2
Now  I open the DVD cupboard and try and find a film that contains all 3 words. If not then try for 2... And finally 1... Now admittedly the smaller the collection the more difficult it becomes.  But out of three words I can normally find at least one film!
Rule 3. .... The golden rule
You must watch that deviation,no swapping, no last minute bonus words...YOU WATCH THE DAMN FILM.

If its shit you've only got yourself to blame!!... After all you probably bought it! But you'll find you watch some long forgotten gems and remember some long forgotten associated memories.

If you find yourself In a similar position...remember. Three. Little. Words.... I hope you play!

So after my next game, I will review the film. I hope you tune in.

Anyway, I have a bit of time on my hands.....So let's get it on.....

1st word... The.      2nd word....real.       3rd word....Mcoy... AWWW!!  F*#%!


 My real words for this game are..
Trouble/chess/ bear.... Hmmm let me think.....

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