Monday, 11 June 2012

Django Unchained - Tarantino is Back to Break Some Chains...And Be All Nuts and Shit!! :)

Okay so without a doubt, one of the most hotly anticipated movies this year is Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.  A film that by all means, looks like a further labour of nostalgic love from the director to the grindhouse days of cinematic old!!  With a dementedly awesome cast, that sees the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio team up against Jamie Foxx (Booty Call anyone?!?!!  HA!), Christoph Waltz, Jonah Hill, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Johnson, Walter Goggins (YAY!!), M.C. Gainey, Tom Savini, James Remar (Herrrooo Dexter's Daddy!), Kerry Washington, Zoe Bell AND Bruce freakin' Dern...and getting all "southern'ed" up...with bad teeth and GINNNGIVITIS!!  Well maybe not that last part...which only fans of Family Guy will get anyhoo...but hey, what the hell is NOT to like!?!!  You can decide for yourself from the new trailer:

Now Tarantino has always been notorious for his bat~shit crazy scripts, deliciously twisted characters and long winded freak~tarded discussions amongst characters.  Django Unchained (the D is silent!) does not look like it is about to disappoint!  

The thing I love about Tarantino flicks is that I always seem to forget just how much I enjoy them!  It's great, it's like experiencing the madness for the "almost first time", again and again!!  Ever since my obsession with Reservoir Dogs started back in the mid 90's, I've been a fan of his warped sense of style and batty dialogue!!  The first 18 rated movie that I saw in the cinema was From Dusk till Dawn...which after recently watching Vamp, I am dying to know if that was an influence!!  Vamp is definitely nuts enough for me to think Tarantino would dig! ;)  

It kind of annoys me that Death Proof was the exception to my loving Tarantino flick rule!  I wanted to like it so bad, the idea was rad, the poster was beyond rad...I just wasn't a big fan of women talking like men, even though I know put me in a room with Jen and Sylvia Soska, and that would most definitely be how we spoke!  Haha!  Maybe it's about time I gave it another shot!! 

Even though I wasn't a fan, I still own it and I LOVE the whole Grindhouse experience that Tarantino and Rodriguez brought to the world!  And let's face it, it was that very movie going experience that led Jen and Sylvia Soska to making Dead Hooker in a Trunk in the first place!  Both Tarantino and Rodriguez have been inspirations to aspiring young film makers the world over for around 2 freakin' decades now, and the passion that they share for film is second to none!  

And actually, just mentioning Jen and Sylvia Soska in the same sentence as Tarantino reminds me of this, their entry into Tarantino's Basterds MTV which they came into the Top 3!! :D 

Anyhoo, I am sure that the webiverse shall be filled with Django a'plenty over the coming months, because let's face it, after the fucking awesomeness of Inglorious Basterds, and the sheer quality of Django's I...the rest of the world is expecting something pretty fucking epic!! :D  Ooh, and seeing this pic of Tarantino sporting his Fangoria tee, I can't wait to read my dear darling girlfriend, Lianne Spiderbaby's set report for Fangoria Magazine!  Keep your peepers open and ready to be gauged, bwahahahaha. :)

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