Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy Birthday Adam Rifkin - The Man Who Wrote the UNDERDOG Screenplay!! My Super Hero Beagle!! :)

If there's one thing I've always thought...it's that Adam Rifkin kicks ass.  And that was before he took on the most Morley squeee inducing task of writing the screenplay for 2007's superhero Beagle film, Underdog!  MWAH! 

My first totally appreciation of Rifkin came with the downright fucking awesome, and totally underrated Detroit Rock City.  This film is all kinds of awesome and features some wicked performances, most notably from the lovely Lin Shaye as the psycho bible bashing mother of Sam Huntington's Jam, Mrs Bruce.  

In a brilliant performance from one of horrors ultimate cool ass females and absolute darlings; it's hysterical to see her in a performance such as this.  I bet she was a Kiss fan growing up.  Haha.  

As a total hardcore Terminator 2 fan, I had developed a bit of a love for Edward Furlong...so this meant that when a movie out like this....of course I was gonna go to the cinema, even if I did have to be a loner and go by myself.  Haha.  I hadn't met my "cool" friends at that point after moving away from my buds that absolutely loved this flick.  

Love how Furlong is totally rocking the John Connor style as well....just this time with a Kiss tee instead of a Public Enemy one.  :)

Detroit Rock City is just a ridiculous amount of fun and doesn't matter how many times I watch it, I still love it to bits!  If you've not seen it, then rectify that PRONTO!!

Even the artwork is totally reminiscent of the artwork for horror anthology Chillerama, which Mr Rifkin had a a segment, alongside Adam Green, Joe Lynch and Tim Sullivan.  :) 

So yes, Detroit Rock City is awesome....Underdog...that's a whole other level of awesomepaws!!  Moooahahahahaha.  

Based on the 1960's comic and then cartoon, Underdog is the tale of a slightly mischievous Beagle, who develops superhero powers and can talk, and fly and stuff.  BEST.  IDEA.  EVER.  Teehee.  

Voiced by Jason Lee, Underdog is funny, sarcastic and just a wee bit brilliant.  There are so many witty one liners and amazing scenes, my niece Kady and I have watched it a multitude of times.  I bought her the DVD and we would literally watch it on repeat.  Haha.  This was before I got a Beagle, but then when I did, Kady and I totally decided that we sooooo need to get him an Underdog costume.  She drew me this amazing picture of Alfie of Underdog that I have in storage.  I totally need to dig it out as it's amazing.  :)  

What I love so much about Underdog, is that I just don't think it could work with any other dog.  Beagles are the ultimate mischievous little menaces, and trust me...as a proud Beagle owner, I know how much trouble my little monster's nose gets him into.  Haha.  He has a personality like no other dog I've ever met.  There's just something about Beagles that I've always been totally obsessed with.  I think it's the fact that they're probably the closest doggie version to me that you could find. ;)  My Beagle~toes is pretty much my doggie soul mate.  When a hooman and a doggie just click, even the most hyperactive and insane dog can be calmed down and turned into a little mummy's boy.  If you're a total Beagle loving person, you might want to read my little ode to Alfie that I wrote regarding responsible dog ownership and the nerdy joys.  :)

With the screenplay though, Rifkin gave me the perfect movie to watch over and over with my niece without ever getting bored.  It's that perfect blend of funny for a child, and witty with a dry sense of humour for an adult.  One of mine and Kady's favourite scenes is when he's trying on outfits as his disguise, which you can see in trailer below.  We totally want to dress Alfie up as all of them.  Heehee.  Oh yeah, and it stars Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage.  :)

So yes...thank you Adam Rifkin for creating such memorable films.  And these are just my personal favourites I've mentioned here.  A big Happy Birthday, and here's to many more nerdy awesome flicks! :) 

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