Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Andy Stewart, my Boy from Bonnie Scotland, Bringing you Beautifully Brilliant, and Completely Fucked Up Body Horror!!

 One of my favourite directors on the planet, Andy Stewart - director of the grotesque, beautiful, and powerful Dysmorphia - is at it again with a piece that had me disgusted, disturbed, and deeply touched.  - Sylvia Soska

I always love it when I discover a Scottish director through my friends in Canada or the States.  I mean, I should know my own people right!?!  Well....I totally didn't know Glasgow based director Andy Stewart until those pesky Twisted Twinling's of mine introduced me to him, describing Dysmorphia as "quite possibly the greatest short film we have ever seen"...which is a pretty big fucking compliment, so obviously I was most intrigued!

I have however made up for this oversight of awesome on my part however, and have been becoming rather good buds with Mr Stewart, a man after my very own heart and entrails!  

(Pictured above - My, my, my....pasty a la Morley from INK!!)

So just who is this fabulous tattoo'ed Glasweigan boy you ask?  Well, Andy has just finished shooting on his third short INK, which is part of a trilogy of body horror which started with Dysmorphia, and was followed by Split.  Split is doing the festival circuits right now, however you can view Dysmorphia below.  Shot on a mere budget of £160, it's pretty fucking impressive.  And such a wonderfully warped and beautiful story! 

 After the international success and critical acclaim for Dysmorphia, Andy shot Split, and on little more than the budget of Dysmorphia.  He was however lucky enough to enlist the help of SFX designer Grant Mason, who did Bride of Mother Fucking Chucky, amongst other things such as The Wolfman, Nightbreed and Sleepy Hollow.  Not bad I'd say!!  Oh yeah, and did I mention, he did BRIDE OF CHUCKY!?!!!!  Grant, I cannot wait to meet you and give you a Morley sized High Five!!  MWAH!  Grant wouldn't get on board any old horse poop though, which is a wonderful testament to just how awesome, and demented he believes Andy's kooktastic mind to be!  ;)

Andy is proof that you don't need to go to film school, or spend lots of money on a film to have it successful around the world.  Talent is talent.  End of.  Hollywood should be paying more attention to that, and less of the bullshit that goes around, and perhaps we'd not have to put up with so much shite!!  With a fucked up imagination, comes great creativity I'd say!  Muaaahahahaha. :)

Now, rather than me blether on, why not just have a wee gander for yourself.  You can view the full short of Dysmorphia, and then the trailers for Split and INK.  And hopefully you'll get a chance to check them out at a festival in the very near future....and hopefully as with Dysmorphia, people will run out in disgust/a fit of puketasticness!!  Heehee.  And I hope to be the one hosting that event.  *inserts fits of evil laughter* ;)

So yes, check these out, and drop the pages a LIKE on good old Facebook and share, share, share with like minded folks! xo

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