Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Jennifer Lynch + Damien Thorn = ERMAHGERD Levels of Awesome with A&E's The Omen TV Show Damien!

Jennifer mother fucking Lynch is directing an episode of the new Damien TV series!  WOW!

Those who know me will know that I threw quite the tantrum when The Omen remake came out.  Hahahaha.  So much so that I actually started a petition to get the thing stopped.  Lol.  :)  With the wonderful success of Bates Motel however....a show that has made its way into my favourite shows EVER list....and the fact that I have total faith in A&E and executive producer Glen Mazzara, better known for The Walking Dead and The Shield....this is looking to be a bad ass show bringing Damien Thorn into the 21st Century! :) 

Add my darling Jennifer Lynch into the mix...the amazing chickaroo responsible for one of the best Walking Dead episodes ever...and I am well on board this project!  Herrroooo Damien! :)

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