Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Terminator Flick Nabs the Super Awesome Patrick Lussier!!

It is with immense fucking pleasure that I have just discovered that Patrick Lussier is writing the new Terminator movie, along with Shutter Island writer Laeta Kalogridis.  Holy. Fucking. WOW.  

As one of my favourite people working in Hollywood today, this handsome Canadian has a wicked imagination and a keen sense for detail.  I have complete trust in him to take one of my most beloved franchises, and do something absolutely wonderful with it...even if on the surface and to the "norms" he does seem like an odd choice at first. 

He's been working in film and TV for over two decades, progressing from editor, to writer, director and producer on a vast array of projects.  Whilst largely known for his work in horror and B movies, and as the partner in crime of frequent collaborator Todd Farmer (a duo that in my humble opinion, single handedly own the title of 3D Gods), I think that this fresh writing partnership has the potential to wield amazing results!!  

It will be interesting to see what director they are going to go with this time round.  Personally I actually think that the My Bloody Valentine/Drive Angry director Lussier would make a great director for this project.  And whilst I normally grimace when I hear the words 3D...if I hear Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer with the words 3D, I think, shit...this is gonna be wicked!!  Those two just have the perfect grasp of how to use 3D, not only well...but REALLY WELL.  They make it an enjoyable experience, and not a just a gimmick.  So yay, with Lussier's involvement in the project, I'm sure his BFF Farmer will somehow manage to get his ass involved...quite literally!!  Hahahaha...actually, I just thought, Farmer (who frequently acts in his movies) would make a great Terminator...he loves getting his kit off!!  Take note Hollywood!! ;)  

And Patrick, high fucking five dude!! :)

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