Monday, 21 January 2013

Super Hot Filmmaking Duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhed, Interviewed by Viewer Discretion Advised on their New Film Resolution!!

Every now and then, through the joys of the good old internet...we meet individuals just like ourselves.  People who we should have been BFF's with since childhood...growing up together and scaring all the other kids!!  One such person to me is the lovely Heather Seebach, a Marylander after my own heart!!  Is that what you call people from Maryland??  Huminah.  :)  

(Pictured above - Heather getting ready to scare the local kids!!)

(Pictured above - A less scary Heather with the ultimate in crazy awesome...Mr Charlie Day!)

Anyhoo, when Heather told me a while back about this new directing duo that had the potential to be our new James and Leigh...that is Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell...I was instantly curious!!  Now fast forward a few months and today Heather posts her first video interview for her super rad site Viewer Discretion Advised, featuring said duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.  Now I will put my hand up and admit that my first thought was yowsers to the super hotness of Aaron Moorhead.  They are both extremely attractive young men but Aaron has a total LOST Hobbit vibe about him, and we all know how much I looove my LOST Hobbit!!  Bwah! :)

(Pictured above - Aaron Moorhead)

Gore~geous'ness aside however, Justin and Aaron have the full nerdy support from Heather for being amazing directors/everything'ers when it comes to making a movie.  Their new feature Resolution both looks and sounds fanfuckingtastic...and they have the full high 5 of support from Miss Seebach, a chick~a~roo whom I have a whole lot of respect for and whom I know has shit hot taste in films!!  When it comes to men, basically I'm Jax...she's Chibs!!  Although we've agreed to share Jeremy Renner, bwahahaha.  ;) 

(Pictured above - Justin and Aaron looking super cute!!)

You can read Heather's review of Resolution over at Viewer Discretion Advised and below you can watch her interview with the super nerdy hot awesome duo of Mr Benson and Mr Moorhead. :) 

And once you've watched the above interview, you'll have gathered that there had to have been some hilarity with these two BFF's and my American sista in crime, and lo and behold, here are the outtakes...

Resolution is out on VOD and iTunes this Wednesday - 23rd January, and is out in select theatres from 25th January.  Unfortunately (for me, haha), a UK release date is still to be announced, however I am sure that with all of the critical acclaim that this film is receiving, we'll have it in no time.  *fingers crossed*

Find the guys on Twitter - @JustinHBenson and @AaronMoorhead

And you can also find Heather on Twitter @VDA_Net

Ooooh, and finally, check out the fucking awesome trailer for the flick and be sure to support it by either purchasing it on iTunes/VOD, watching it in theatres or awaiting the DVD/Blu-Ray release.  Remember people, support independent film!! 

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