Monday, 20 January 2014

Brand Spanking New Poster for The Young Ones - Safe Haven!

Got a wicked new poster for The Young Ones - Safe Haven for y'all.  

Check out the Official Website and the Official Facebook Page as well, and please share the trailer and drop the page a LIKE as well.  Also if you're on Twitter then please make sure to follow us @TYOSafeHaven and by using the #TYOSafeHaven and #TYOSeries across all social networking sites.  :)

Directed by Stuart Gilmartin, and written by Craig Wallace, The Young Ones - Safe Haven is the first instalment in a new web series from the guys at Scotland's Tachy Studios.  Starring Evelyn Ryan, Gary Lind and Dayle Teegarden, The Young Ones is a dystopian horror coming to invade your senses very soon!! :) 

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