Saturday, 4 January 2014

Woot! Bates Motel is Back Open for Business and Welcoming New Weirdos to White Pine Bay, Including Michael Vartan!

Saaaaaaaaaaaahweeeet!!  Bates Motel, Season 2 has been given a March 3rd premier date.  Oh yesss.

I cannot express just how freakin' excited I am for this.  I adored Season 1.  Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore both gave outstanding performances as Norma and Norman Bates, the mother and son combo that make the Teller family look normal!  Haha.  

Add to that Norman's not exactly difficult on the eyes older brother Dylan, in a town where there's a dark secret lurking behind every corner, and you have a modern day version of one of the most influential films of all time.  Yay!! :)  And I mean, seriously...just LOOK at Dylan...rawwwrrrrrr!!  Haha. 

So if you're not already watching this wicked awesome bad ass show, then get your peepers peeping on it now.  You KNOW I'm right! 

And holy crap, if I was a man, I'd have an erection!!  Alias's Michael Vartan, the man that inspired that genius quote from my friend Laura when we saw him in a film years ago when we were at Uni....has joined the cast!  Hahahaha.  It's always remained a favourite quote of mine.  Lol.  Although I'd be more likely to be referring to Max Thieriot with that quote personally.  Moooahahaha. yes, Michael Vartan and Rebecca Creskoff join the weirdos at White Pine Bay as brother and sister.  The Shield's Kenny Johnson is also joining as that crazy wench Norma's brother Caleb.  Heehee, Caleb.  :)

And more shot of Dylan, teehee!!  You know you would!  ;) 

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