Thursday, 2 October 2014

Arbroath's IronStar Films Casts Scottish Super Babe, The Fairy Flag's Craig McGinlay in Lead Role in their Debut Short Blood Loss!

Okay, so it is with great pleasure that I can announce the casting of my favourite Fairy Flag boy (alongside James Robson!!), Mr Craig McGinlay in IronStar Films Blood Loss!!

Loving known to moi as Super Pecs, Craig McGinlay is the perfect leading man.  He oozes that kind of Jax Teller quality about know, total babe, awesome killing machine and just downright good actor at the same time.  And like Charlie Hunnam, McG is the kind of guy that girls fawn over, and guys want to have a pint with.  He's THAT rad! that I've told you some of the awesome casting ya gotta get on board people.  Mwahahahahahahaha.  :)  

To quote moi, because I'm really tired and stuff, haha - 

Former Scotland/International rugby player and strength and conditioning specialist; international model turned actor, Craig McGinlay in the lead role.  
The boys at IronStar are over the moon to have attracted the attention of such established individuals (individual numero 2 coming tomorrow!!) for their debut short.

Craig has fight trained with George Johnston who has trained the likes of Christian Bale for Batman, and Matt Damon for the Bourne films.  He also trained by Seoras Wallace, who trained Mel Gibson for Braveheart.  Most recently you might recognise Craig as the face of Irn Bru’s Commonwealth Games advertising campaign, as well as for the National Trust, Dobbies and Visit Scotland amongst many, many more.
And lastly.....ladies....and gay men....THIS >>>>>>

You can find out more about the IndieGoGo campaign HERE, and follow the Blood Loss on Facebook for more information HERE.  

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