Saturday, 4 October 2014

Arbroath's IronStar Films Welcomes The Fairy Flag's Alan Cuthbert to Debut Short Blood Loss!

Following my announcement on Wednesday that former Scotland/International rugby star turned model/actor Craig McGinlay's involvement in IronStar Films debut short Blood Loss, I am ecstatic to announce that Craig's Fairy Flag co-star Alan Cuthbert is also set to star.  

A former cop turned self-employed farmer and flourishing actor, Alan Cuthbert is a former cop turned self-employed farmer and flourishing actor, has had parts in Sunshine on Leith, River City, Silent Witness and Waterloo Road, amongst other things.  

This is yet another amazing scoop for the recently formed IronStar Films, and with the amount of positive feedback I have been getting from people who have been coming into the pub, and also contacting me online, Alan is an amazing catch for Blood Loss and the potential of both the film, and the IronStar Films boys.  I know how totally ecstatic the boys are right now, and so it's really super cool for them to be getting this kind of recognition for their first short.  

We are raising money through an IndieGoGo campaign for the film which you can get on board and support by checking out this link

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