Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Idris Elba's BBC Serial Killer Drama - Luther

To say that I’m partial to a good bit of murder is an understatement.  Add to that an obsessive detective/FBI agent storyline, one who shall stop at nothing to stop a serial killer or mass murderer; I’m all ears and eyes.  Obviously still attached to my own body, those story lines can be saved for another time, mwah!  This being the case, whilst checking out what Idris Elba had been up to lately, I came across the BBC show Luther.  Luther is the story of DCI John Luther, a detective working in the serious crimes unit. 

He is dazzling, obsessive, possessed - and sometimes dangerous in the violence of his fixations. But Luther has paid a heavy price for his dedication; he has recently suffered a mental breakdown following the traumatic investigation into child serial killer Henry Madsen. On his return to duty, Luther struggles to balance the psychological demands of his work at the same time as trying to save his marriage to his wife, Zoe.

This description alone leaves me wanting for more, I mean what’s not to love!?!  The added bonus comes with the fact that Luther is played by the wonderful and downright gorgeous Idris Elba.  Now I had seen him in loads of stuff before and really liked him but it wasn’t until The Wire that I became rather fixated with him.

Playing Stringer Bell, the drug lord who used his intelligence and perception to realise that after some time, property was the way forward in a game that was constantly changing.  Despite all of his flaws there was something incredibly charming about him.  I loved Detective McNulty’s obsession with catching him out and sending him down for life, both Elba and Dominic West played off each other brilliantly.  The same could be said for Stringer Bell’s interaction with Michael K. Williams character Omar Little.  Absolutely cracking TV writing, some of the best ever, without a doubt!!!

Anyhoo, in the time that I have sat writing this it has just come to my attention that the great man has actually been nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in Luther!!!  He's up against Al Pacino which is no mean feat, so hells yeah to Idris for being part of Team Awesome UK in this years Globes!!!

This has made me even more excited about seeing Luther, I've asked my sister for the DVD for my Christmas so here's looking forward to some obsessive Elba killer action, mwahahahahahaha.  And you can be sure that I shall let y'all know what I think once I've seen it.  Expect lots of potential gushing, haha. 

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