Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Jeremy Bamber - Injustice of the Most Shocking Kind!!!

How would you like to be convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit?  A crime that police have known that you are innocent of since 1992, however are still incarcerated in 2010!?!  This is exactly the case with Jeremy Bamber.  Right from the start there has been complete inconsistencies with this case yet Jeremy has still never been granted his freedom.  A grosse violation of human rights if ever I heard one.  I mean what the hell, the guy was only 24 when all this shit happened!?!  

Twenty six years this man has been behind bars, convicted of murders he never committed; murders that were in fact committed by his adopted older sister who after killing their parents June and Neville Bamber, killed her 6 year old twin boys Nicholas and Daniel before shooting herself. 

I remember when he passed the lie detector test, once and for all proving his innocence, I was working in a pub at the time and remember reading it and doing a big “oh my god, Jeremy Bamber is like TOTALLY innocent, HA!” spiel to everyone who was in the pub.  What amazed me was how little people knew who he even was, or anything about the case.  Yes this happened in 1985 but come on, we still remember The Goonies and we most certainly still love Dominos Pizza, so why aren’t we still shouting out about the injustice done here!?!  Why has this man been buried by the system?

For those of you unaware of the case, on 7th August 1985 Jeremy Bamber called the local police station stating: "My father's just phoned me - he said, 'Please come over, your sister has gone crazy and has got a gun'." 

The sister in question is the adopted older sister Sheila, or ‘Bambi’ as she was known.  28 year old Bambi was a model in London with a history of serious psychiatric problems.  She was diagnosed a paranoid schizoprenic in 1983 and in the Easter of 1986 she was being treated in a psyciatric ward.  This was mere months before the White House Farm Murders in Tolleshunt d’Arcy, Essex, England.    

When the police arrived at the house after Jeremy’s call, they found the bodies of Bamber’s parents, along with Bambi’s twin boys and Bambi herself.  Inititally it was Bambi whom police suspected of the killings before killing herself.  It wasn’t until a month later, after an argument that Jeremy’s girlfriend Julie Mugford went to the police and did what I guess is the ultimate fuck you; she basically made him out to sound like a spoilt brat Essex Boy who wanted what his parents and sister had, despite having plenty of his own.  She told how he apparently had spoken to her of his desire to kill his family and inherit their wealth and that how he’d boasted he could comit the perfect crime.  This was of course the vindictive lies of a jilted lover and that combined with the bungled police investigation, it has cost Jeremy 26 years of his life. 

Jeremy has been described as “warped and evil beyond belief” and during his time in Full Sutton Prison, has been the victim of a knife attack that required him receiving 28 stitches in his neck.  Full Sutton is home to my second favourite serial killer of all time, Mr Dennis Nielsen.  As much as Dennis completely fascinates me though, I know that he is actually guilty.  Jeremy isn’t!!!  Can you even begin to imagine how awful it must be to know that you have served a life sentence for brutal slayings that you didn’t comit.  Knowing that the police screwed up big time and that because of this, you have been buried by the system, despite having passed a lie detector test proving your innocence in April 2007.  Most people would have given up or killed themselves, I mean what’s the point right?  The fact that Jeremy is still here, fighting his cause is testament to what a true spirit he is and I really admire him for that. 

There is so much information and proof of his innocence; I urge you to go check it out.  If you visit the Jeremy Bamber website there are links to numeous articles and videos, as well as links to his own Blogger and the Facebook group set up in his name.  I find it highly commendable the work done by these guys in their tireless efforts to clear his name.  Join me in spreading the word and hopefully together we can finally right this terrible wrong!!!

Jeremy BamberMurder at White House Farm: The Story of Jeremy Bamber


  1. Good to see others who are concerned about this unsafe verdict.

    I would encourage anyone who is concerned about the strange goings-on in the Justice System to write to the Ministry of Justice.


    I have seen the psychological evaluations of both Jeremy Bamber and his sister. The results demonstrate no psychopathology in Jeremy; and his sister's description of her children as "the devil's children". Who do you think is more likely to kill?

    My question is, 'How has the Justice system got it so wrong? Has someone got an interest in keeping Jeremy Bamber in prison?"

  2. Chris you have a very valid point there. Is there someone gaining something by keeping him locked up? It's just an incredibly scary state of affairs though, and a truly unjust one at that. Here's hoping that the next hearing will be the last.


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