Friday, 10 December 2010

Most Beautiful Film Endings of All Time - Dahmer

So I have decided to compose a series of what I consider to be the most beautiful film endings of all time.  Now me being me, obviously they are not going to be to everyone's taste however, hi di ho, they're mine!!!  So here I start with one of my ultimate most favourite EVER, the surreal, gorgeous and stupidly underrated Dahmer!!!

Dahmer - The scene where we see him walking through the woods at the end - having given up on help before he'd even really started to receive it.  What made this such a perfect place to end the movie was that where this should have been a time in his life where like any young man, he was looking forward.  But knowing what was to come, and cutting out at that left you with such a feeling of empty hopelessness.  Of haunting melancholy and great sadness, the kind that I love so dearly in my movies.  I can honestly say I have seen this film pretty much more than most other films ever...not sure what that says about me but what the hey, I love Jeff!!!  Dahmer is proof that Jeremy Renner is without a shadow of a doubt one of the single greatest actors of all time.  It just took the rest of the world a little bit longer to realise this. 

To complete the perfection of this ending you add the music….one of the most gorgeous songs of all time.  It’s perfect; it’s haunting and so beautiful that I can’t imagine any other song replacing it.  On so many occasions I can remember watching the movie and then afterwards when it went back to the title screen, I would just sit and listen to Blue Theme, the song from the end credits.  By Siren Music Productions who did the whole score, it’s perfect.  I was so in love with it I went out of my way trying to get hold of it.  I finally came across the girl’s website through a link on the Dahmer movie page.  I emailed them and soon heard back from Willow Williamson who told me that you couldn’t actually buy the CD but if I purchased one of the bands albums, she would send me a copy of it.  Instantly I purchased not one, but two copies of the self-titled This Side of North album.  One for myself, and one for my dear friend Nia.  I can honestly say that this is one of the best things I ever did.  The album is flawless and I love it dearly.  I swear that when I die, I want this album in my coffin.   It’s that good.  And it pains me to say how seriously underrated the band are, and indeed each member individually.  I have spoken to Christina Agamanolis on a number of occasions and she is adorable.  I hope that somewhere our paths shall cross as she is a true inspiration to me, plus I’d LOVE to see her play live!!!

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