Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Great Week for Serial Killers

WOW!!!  Ok, so the past week has been a super massive geekgasm for serial killer movies.  First the stupidly awesome James Franco takes on the role of not only playing Richard Ramirez, it is also going to be his directorial debut.  Ooh and to add to the awesomenss, Chris Cornell is producing!!!  How awesome is that!?!!!!  *insert super rad picture of James Franco playing Dungeons and Dragons as Daniel Desario <3 in Freaks and Geeks. *

Anyhoo, after that awesomeness I didn't in a million years think that I would get even more totally radder than rad awesome serial killer movie news and then I get told that Dominic West is playing Fred West!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, guh yuh!!!  It's like my sick twisted McNulty fantasies from The Wire Season 5 are coming to fruition.  *insert McNulty pic just for fun ;) *

So yay, lots of super squeeeee'ing and thinking that this is going to be a very good year for zee serial killer movie!!!! <3


  1. Franco would make a great Ramirez!
    Can't wait for that one.

  2. Agreed! Think Dominic West is going to make a wicked Fred West as well...and like I said, it shall fulfil my Wire season 5 fantasies, haha.


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