Friday, 21 January 2011

Women in Horror Month - Arbroath/Angus Event

Hey guys, okay, so if you've been following my video Blog then you will know that I have decided to go ahead with putting together an event in Arbroath for Women in Horror Recognition Month.  I could have done it in one of the bigger cities but you know what, even just with people that I know here, there is a lot of you whom I know LOVE horror so I figured why the hell not host it here!?!

It's the kind of thing you don't get here, I mean hell we don't even have a cinema...or do we!?!?!!!!  It turns out that The Webster Theatre have been hiding a rather nifty little cinema area upstairs, this is ever since the refurbishment and I have to say, it looks fab.  This could be a good way of showing that people want something like this more often.  If you go to the Webster Theatre site and click on the little rotate sign, you can totally check it out.  I love the fact that it's all white and red as bloodtastic!!! <3  At the moment, The Webster Theatre is seriously looking like the best option and I shall let you all know as soon as this has been confirmed.

At the moment I am thinking the 28th February for this event, just looking at costing and what not.  I shall be announcing the full line up on the 1st February but just to give you a teaser, I shall be hosting the Scottish premier of my gore-geous Canadian twinlings Jen and Sylvia Soska's acclaimed debut feature, Dead Hooker in a Trunk.  I saw this film last year at Ghouls on Film (this was the UK premier) and it is just so downright awesome and I've been going on about it ever since that I thought argggh, this has never been shown in Scotland...I shall take away its Scottish virginity, mwahahaha.

I want to donate as much of the ticket money to the Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association as possible and so if you have a business/website and would like to sponsor this event to help cover basic costs then please do get in touch.  As you may have read in my Blog earlier this week, Scleroderma is the condition that killed our Women in Horror Month founder, Hannah's father a year ago and it is one that not enough people know about and with your help, I'd like to help change that.  I am away to start up a Blog for the actual event and so I shall post more information there as soon as I do. :D  

Oh, and last but not least...I have decided a name for this festival...with lots of thumbs up and giggles from all my horrorific geeks in crime...

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