Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Women in Horror Awareness Month 2011...Arbroath/Angus Local Event!?!

So as you might be aware of by now, February is Women in Horror Month.  A month to rasise awareness to the amazing talent of females in the horror industry.  Be it directors, producers, writers, bloggers, zinesters and fans.  As well as those kick ass girls in front of the camera, you know, that ones who are more than just a pair of adipose tissues.

So anyhoo, I've been thinking of something I can do locally within the Arbroath/Angus area.  I mean, I know enough of you love horror to get something going, and that's just my friends.  I want to do a local blood drive, I'm also considering maybe getting together a couple of films or something, I'm not sure.  Last years Ghouls on Film event in Birmingham was awesome.  I'll keep you posted on my thoughts.  Just want to know how many of your would be interested in this if I was to do something.

If you get in touch with me either via email, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can also post a comment on here, just whatever is easiest.  Let me know as soon as possible.  :)

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