Saturday, 30 August 2014

IronStar Films Present Blood Loss - A Film from Four Arbroath Local Film Nerds, that has A LOT of Potential!

It is with great pleasure that I present the brand spanking new teaser trailer for my fellow Arbroathians new short film, Blood Loss.

IronStar films, an independent film company created by four local lads in order to produce a variety of short films from original scripts. The first of which is " Blood Loss", a tale of retribution and redemption among a group of friends who find themselves in too deep.

When three friends are forced by a local criminal to sort out a potential problem, their plans end in a horrific accident destroying their lives forever.

Months later the three men are confronted with the possibility that not everything was as it seems, and find themselves caught between a criminal who wants the job done, and a victim who wants matter what side they choose, there's going to be ...Blood Loss.

Graeme Carr, Peter Birnie and Al Jennings have been making little short parodies for years now, however, it was only when they met up with the youngster of the group, Dean Pearson, that they decided to take their love of film to the next level.  :)

Now I've known Graeme since I was a kid, and he has always been one of the biggest film nerds I know.  Ever since we were in our early teens, all we've ever done was talk about films.  Well, that and his constant mocking of my love of Take That.  Haha.  Don't judge me! ;)  So with that being said, I know just how good a creative mind that boy has!  Put him together with the terrible twosome that are Pete and Jennings, add in Dean, (one of my little sister Kimberley's friends, pictured below with Graeme), and you have the perfect concoction.

I've been watching my boys for some time now, and seeing them grow....spying on them...just not as creepily as Norman Bates!  

It was when I met up with Jennings and Pete for lunch back in April, that they showed me not only what they had been working on, but also something that Dean had done himself.  Taking inspiration from James Wan's The Conjuring, and the story of the Annabelle doll; Dean did this whole little faux trailer himself...which is really quite tricky when you are trying to work a camera, shake a rocking chair, turn a creepy head around.  Silly was only afterwards he realised he could have just called on his Ghostbusters to come and help him.  I'm sure they would appeared, dress to kill and all. :)  It makes me so happy though seeing a younger generation of people taking inspiration from my beloved James Wan.  James and Leigh redefined the horror genre for a new generation, and so it's totally cool to see others learn, and become inspired by their work.  The circle of gore....muuuahahahaha.  Sounds so much cooler than the circle of life.  *hums song to self*

So yes...expect some interesting and muchos awesome things from these ladie.....I mean boys! ;) 

I'd also just like to throw out a big thank you to John Carswell as well, a good friend of mine since I was a teenager.  John gave the guys the PERFECT location to shoot this, an abandoned mill that his family are to convert into flats.  It looks fucking awesome, so major high five to you Mr'll be getting added to my location scout books!  :)  This is so cool because it's a local Arbroath business cutie, helping out local aspiring filmmakers too.  YAY!  Let us show the people of Arbroath just how creeeeeeeeeeepy it can be, muuuuahahahaha. :)

For more information on the project, drop by the Facebook pages for Blood Loss and their new film company, IronStar Films.  

And the charming boys that they are, they take me to the nicest of places.  Mmmmm.....a walk-in toilet, also known as the Arbroath subway/fornication ground/potty/tampon disposal unit!! ;)

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