Monday, 13 February 2012

The Last Post by Axelle Carolyn - Review

The Last Post is one of the most beautifully stunning pieces of work I have ever seen. With its haunting melancholy and pitch perfect performances, it's impossible not to feel emotionally connected to it and drawn completely in. The thought of dying alone is always a sad one, we reflect upon our lives and think of all of the people we've connected to that have been and gone. The ones who even though we only knew for a relative short period of time, they made such an impact on our lives and helped turn us into the person we are today. And although the years have passed by and a life apart has been led, you still feel a connection to them, and know that someday you will see them again. Be that in life...or death.

The three performances in The Last Post are all in their own way, exceptional! Jean Marsh as the old lady Colette is wonderful, the emotion that she conveys whilst telling her story, the great sadness in her eyes and that feeling of tremendous loss...this is the mark of a truly great actress. The supporting cast of Kimberley Nixon as the Nurse and Darren Bransford as the soldier, such subtle performances yet so effective.

The Last Post is such a terrific first attempt at a short by Axelle, she has a raw talent for attention to detail and for bringing out the subtle beauty of her actors performances. She is most definitely a woman to watch and I can't wait for her to move on to feature projects!

In a way, The Last Post almost reminds me of Titanic when Rose is reliving those magical few weeks before the wretched iceberg got in the way! And say what you want about my love of Titanic (and The Winslet, haha), but it's that sadness of knowing that Rose only knew Jack for such a minute period of time, and even though she went on to live her own life after his death, he was still the greatest love of her life! And yes, I cry at Titanic! I have no problem admitting that, haha. ;) And like Titanic, The Last Post also had my eyes welling up with tears. 

And ooh lastly, a super squeeeee...when going to IMDb to get a link for her name I saw that not only was Jean in Return to Oz and Willow...she was also in Frenzy, woot woot! Hitchcock nerd~gasm to the max! :D

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