Friday, 10 February 2012

Jennifer's Bodies February 2012 - Working in Association with the Dundee University Film Society with a Fellow Horror Chick! YAY!

Okay so this February's Jennifer's Bodies, I am so psyched to announce that I am working alongside the Dundee University Student Film Society!  :)  Now as if this wasn't cool enough, the main chick~a~roo in charge of the society, is a fellow kick ass horror gal!  Florence is also a fellow Horror Blogger Alliance chick, and when I went to post a reply to a blog post she had done, I saw a post from another horror chickzilla, The Real Queen of Horror!  Aaaah, what a small world we live in!  What other genre of film are you gonna find yourself bumping into others online so much as with horror?  Florence is wonderfully kooky with a wicked taste in film and a great sense of humour, and I urge you to check out her blog, A blog by your new friend: Florence NOW! :D

Jennifer's Bodies will be taking place on Sunday 26th February in the Tower Building at Dundee University.  You can find more information over at my Jennifer's Bodies page, including the full line up and tickets etc.  All of the money raised I am donating to a fellow woman in horror to go towards her 1 year old boy's medical bills for an operation to rectify his Craniosynostosis.  

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