Saturday, 18 February 2012

Review of Jennifer Campbell's Short Film Hike!

As I mentioned in my interview with director Jennifer Campbell, I think one of the reasons why I instantly took such a liking to Hike, is the fact that it is without a doubt the kind of short I could totally see myself making!!  I mean, whenever I'm out and about walking, be it through the woods, or along the beach, or up in the hills...I always picture myself finding body parts...or a completely whole dead body!!  Sick I know, but I can't help myself, haha.  My mind just drifts off...and that's usually where it drifts to...limbs amongst the driftwood!! ;) 

With its stunning location and superb direction, what I appreciate most about Hike is how simple...yet wonderfully effective it is at the same time. It beautifully conveys the perfect image of some of the true horrors that are actually out there. As a girl with a total serial killer fascination, this is horror at its more shocking and perverse because it's so real!! 

Hike is the perfect example of the ultimate male monster. The one that blends into society. The one who despite all they may have, still needs that power play that comes from victimising a woman. One who is either physically unable to fight back, or one who has been so mentally abused, that they don't have the inner strength in them left to fight!! 

These are the men that everyone is always so shocked when they hear about some of the atrocities they have committed. They are the friendly neighbour, your kids scout leader, the boy next door...the kind of guy who we wouldn't even contemplate a danger when they ask us to go out for a hike in the woods! The best serial killers are usually the ones that blend in with society. And in the case of someone like Ted Bundy, they also happen to be some of the worst when it comes to the level and extent of violence committed!!

When describing Hike, Vancouver based director Jennifer Campbell had this to say - 

“Hike is about violence against women, being silenced and ultimately being victimized because someone is bigger, stronger and able to overpower.”

We live in a society where violence against women is shockingly high, and a lot of it is precisely down to this mindset.  Men need to show just how big and strong they are, and just how easily they can hurt their partners...or mothers, sisters, daughters...granmothers!!  

Shorts such as Hike are such an eye opener in that they remind us that whilst we may feel safe and secure in our day to day never know what kind of evil may be lurking just round the corner!!  It is for this very reason that it is important for women to be self aware, and able to know that there is always someone they can turn to for help.  

I've said this before, and I'll say it again...I think the reason that women appreciate horror so much, and just why they're so good at making it, is that the levels of violence and rape against women, it's so much higher than anything against men.  Hell, childbirth is enough to give any woman an appreciation of horror, haha.  All joking aside though, I think it's wonderful that there are women out there such as Jennifer Campbell, who are making films like Hike, who are conveying the word about such topics, but in a way that opens insightful debate and understanding.  Not in a, "shove it down your throat" kind of way.  I'd just like to add on a separate note, that it's also quite appropriate that all of the funds from the Have a Heart for Horror Cook Book, a cook book filled with recipes and art from various female figures working within horror today (including yours truly!!), are going to Project Get Safe.  This is a non-profit corporation dedicated to preventing real life horrors such as victims of abuse, domestic violence, teen youth shelters, halfway houses.

Check out the trailer for Hike below and keep up with the news from Jennifer Campbell and her production company Whitebowl Productions at the Official Site and Facebook page.  

I would also just like to say I've edited this to say Congratulations to JC for her award for Best Women Director in the Shorts Category at the PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas.  With shit loads of films showing over a massive 17 days, this is truly a well deserved honor for Miss Campbell.  So YAY....Go Jen!! :) 

Ooh, and it also took the award for most Over the Top Special FX at this year's Stiletto Film Festival as well.  The FX that it is referring to is one that when watching the Sons of Anarchy Season 5 finale, it made me giggle and think of Hike!!  BWAH! ;) 

So yes, expect great things to come from this fellow JC, who not only shares my first name...she also shares the initial of my second name...woooo, creep~tastic!!!  Bwahahahaha. :)

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